Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lil' Luna- All Things Good

Check out my friend Kristyns' blog! She is super talented and crafty!! If you become a follower of her blog or a fan on facebook, you can be entered to win some of her fabulous crafts!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

Me and my sweet boys on Mother's Day. I'm so lucky to be their mom! I mean seriously....look how CUTE they are!

Let's Go Fly A Kite, Up to the Highest Height!

After Tyler's soccer game, we flew our $10 Sam's Club kite! Todd's parents were able to make it to the last quarter of Tyler's game, so to make the trip ALLLL the way to Maricopa worth it, they flew kites with us!

Josh and Grandma. He's still munching on his rice krispy treat from the soccer game.

It was very windy and I didn't bring a blanket for Bradley. Luckily I found one of Todds scouts jackets in the back of our car.

Look at it go!

Grandpa helping the kite catch the wind!

Money shot

Look at Josh go!

He was having a great time! That is until he got distracted by a cat. :)

We had to bundle this little guy up. His poor fingers were turning purple!

After kite flying, we ate dinner at Carl's Jr. Thanks Craig and Lynda for coming to visit! It really means a lot to us. :)


We signed Tyler up for soccer through the city this year, and he has had such a great time! His team name is the Jayhawks. They've played 7 games and have won 2 of them. I love that they don't care who wins or loses. They're just so dang excited about the oranges at half time and the juice and treat at the end! Typical 4&5 year olds. :) They have one game left this Saturday, so I'm a little late in blogging about this. He has learned a lot about soccer and the skills to play it! He has a great coach and really nice kids on his team. I can't wait to sign him up for the Fall.

Going in for the kick!

I love, love, LOVE this picture! He is just so genuinely happy to be there!

Aaaand here's Josh! He can be found playing on the play ground during all of Tyler's games. :) Our little dare devil. Todd swears he's going to be our child who gets the broken bones. As of today, he has 3 visible marks on his face. 1) A black eye. 2) A cut where he hit his head on the car door. 3) A scab on his forehead from....I have no clue! Being a Mom to 3 boys sure is a challenge, but it's worth it!

Who's Six Months Old??!!

MEEEEE!Bradley is 6 months old already! I am happy to report that Bradley is outgrowing his fussy ways and is beginning to be a happy, content baby. That is the best 6 month present I could ask for!

His new thing is sucking on his bottom lip.

And look who's starting to crawl!!

"Mom, this is hard!"

Here are Bradley's stats at 6 months:
Weight- 17lbs (50th %)
Height- 26in (50th %)

As of Monday, he rolls over both ways.
He has 3 teeth....and more to come shortly!
Sits up with some help
He isn't afraid of his older brothers as much anymore. Haha! He doesn't mind if they get close and give him kisses.

I just can't believe how fast the time has gone by. SIX MONTHS!! Just like that! Will the next six months go by just as fast?? WE LOVE YOU BRADLEY BOY!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So....You guys wanted to see lots of pictures from our Disneyland trip right? I hope so! Here we gooooooo!

We had so much fun and I can't wait to take them again when they're older!