Saturday, February 28, 2009

We Have Grass!

Finally, after 3 years, we have grass! I am way excited about this. I'm a little bummed that we have to wait 2 weeks before the kids can play on it. But I'll be patient. They were the main reason we decided to put it in now. I'm sure lots of fun will be had in the backyard now! Thanks to Todd, Ryan, and some random guy on the street for helping lay it! Amanda and I supervised.....and I got sunburned....Oh well! It was worth it!

Ryan hard at work cutting the sod to match the curbingAll done!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our First Attempt

Just thought you all would like to see what we had for dinner tonight. We thought we'd attempt Craig's (my father-in-law) fried rice. We got all of the ingredients, followed the directions.....and it turned out pretty good! I like Craig's better, but with a little more practice I think we can get it down! Not only does it taste good, but it's so colorful too! I like that! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Garden of Williamson

I was so excited to get up this morning and build our garden! I had to document this very special occasion because this is the very first thing that Todd and I have ever built together! GO US! It really was a lot of fun! So far we only have tomatoes in, but we have plans to plant many more things in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we have green thumbs!

The garden siteThe first frame!!The frame with the floor inIt's looking like a garden to me! Tyler digging the hole for the cherry tomatoes...And Daddy planting them!Tyler loved planting the tomatoes!

All done for now! To be continued.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Backyard Fun!

We are finally getting started with our backyard landscaping. We had sprinklers put in last Saturday and finished the border. Next project will be laying the sod!

Phoenix Zoo

Last week I took a trip to the Phoenix Zoo with my friends Amanda, Emily and their kids. Unfortunately, Tyler was home with pink eye so it was just Josh and I who got to go. We had a fun time though. The weather was great and there were lots of fun things to see!Mommy and Josh at the entrance to the zoo

He was so happy the whole time!

Digging in the compost pile!

Trying to find hidden treasures in the cup holder....

"Mom, can I dig in the compost pile too??"

Mommy and Josh in the spider monkey exbibit

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Josh Turned 1!

I know I'm WAY late in announcing this exciting news....but Josh turned 1 on Feb. 2nd! We had a small gathering of friends and family at our home to celebrate. It amazes me how fast time has gone by. He is growing up to be such a sweet boy!

Here's my baby less than 10 minutes after being born. February 2nd 2008.
And here he is now! Posing for Daddy while waiting for his cake.

Grandma and Grandpa Williamson got him some cute clothes!

Kami got him a train! Tyler loves this one too.

After everyone left, he was still partying with Tyler's Handy Manny tool set. He's clapping along to the music!

Here are a few things that Josh is doing as a big 1 year old!
1) Claps all the time
2) Says night night, dada, mamma, uh-oh and makes the "f" sound and "s" sound
3) Makes a variety of funny noises
4) Has yet to walk, but is cruising everywhere
5) Plays peekaboo. He'll cover his own eyes!
6) Loves bath time. He loves to see his reflection in the stainless steel
7) Just today began singing along to his favorite song. He says "ooh ah" Cute!
8) He loves to try and do whatever his big brother is doing....Tyler doesn't let that happen most of the time!
9) He is sooooo ticklish under his arms and on his feet. And he has the CUTEST laugh!

Happy 1st birthday Josh! You are such a joy to have in our lives. We love you!