Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yet another thing we did over the holidays with the Williamson family. 4-wheeling! I'm glad we were able to fit it in or else we would've had a pretty bummed out 3 year old at our house. Just a few pictures I took to remember the day!

Mark...the one in charge. I think....

Kim and Steve..aka oreo mouth

Uncle Joe. Oh Uncle Joe......

Josh rode for the 1st time with Grandpa. He liked it!

How Did He Know?

How did Tyler know that I needed to dust these shelves. Thank you, Tyler, for clearing them off! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tyler's 3rd Birthday!!

Tyler turned 3 on January 2nd. I just can't believe it! He is really growing up to be such a good and smart boy. We celebrated at Todd's parents house with all of his cousins and had a great time! And luckily, Tyler has a really COOL Uncle...Mark...who went and rented a bounce house for everyone to enjoy! We couldn't have asked for a better day!

Big brother helping little brother. They are sooooo cute when they play nice together!

Look at all those kids! And look at Tyler's hair! WOOHOO!

Jumping with caution.
Eh....throwing caution to the wind!Grandpa Williamson making hamburgers and hotdogs while Uncle Joe observes.
The kids played pass the package while they waited for the food to be done. I think this was the biggest turn out so far!Food's done!Blowing out his candle! Grandma let him choose what color frosting he wanted. He chose orange!Grandma and Grandpa Williamson got him a gun with A LOT of discs to shoot!And Mom and Dad got him a Little Einsteins Rocket! YAY!

Here are a few things that Tyler is doing these days as a big 3 year old!
1) Counts to 30
2) Goes to preschool
3) Writes his letters and is learning to read
4) Is becoming proficient at Mario Kart Wii. His father is very proud! :)
5) Says please, thank you, no thank you, and yes you may
6) Gets excited when Josh wakes up from his naps. He'll say "Hi Joshy!" and tickle his toes!
7) Learning to say his prayers
8) Plays on the computer. Educational games of course!
9) Enjoys nursery class at church
10) He is such a big helper and tells us everyday that he loves us.


Fun at Uncle Scott and Aunt Melody's House!

One day while the girls went to visit Aunt Shelley at the hospital, the guys and kids went over to Uncle Scott's and Aunt Melody's house for some pizza and fun! Looks like they had a great time!Pizza's here!
Playing with cars is some serious business. Comes before eating!Tyler, Michael, and JackJosh LOVES pizza. Apparently he ate a whole slice!

Tyler and Kyle

Josh loved the swing.....
And the bike!

Jungle Jim's Playland

During the holidays, we visited Jungle Jim's Playland with the kids TWICE! It quickly became Tyler's favorite place in the world! He enjoyed riding the airplanes, carousel, bumper cars, and the train. He did ride the roller coaster once with me...or should I say I rode with him. But he didn't enjoy that one! Neither did I. Way too fast! LOL! Needless to say, the cousins had a blast playing together and I'm sure Jungle Jim's Playland will be on the agenda for next Christmas!Tyler and Grandpa Williamson about to collide!

After going in circles for a couple minutes, he quickly got the hang of it!

Kim and Steve's sweet daughter Ally

Tyler is asking Uncle Joe for more money to make the train go! Really...he is!

Cousins. Tyler, Jack, Kyle, and Landon

Tyler and Kyle riding the train

Waiting in line.......

Tyler and Michael riding the airplaneGetting off the airplane....Watch out Tyler! Apparently this airplane isn't big enough for the both of you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

Some of you may think that we didn't celebrate Christmas at the Williamson home this year...but contrary to what you may think, we did! I am JUST now getting time to blog about it, so I hope you will forgive me. :) We had a nice time with just me, Todd and the boys this year. We stayed home and weren't rushed. We did head over to Todd's parents house later on Christmas day and the fun continued! Here are some moments we captured...Sweet, smiling Tyler in his new Wall-E hoodie that Dad bought him as a pre-Christmas gift. He loves it!

Mommy and Tyler

Tyler helping Daddy wrap Josh's present. New cars!!

Josh. Just as cute as can be, taking in everything!

Tyler finishing off the cookie dough. Mommy made cookies for Santa!

Our Christmas village. Year 1. We plan to add to it every year!

Cookies and milk for Santa and apples for the Reindeer.

Daddy reading "The Night Before Christmas."

The spread. And yes...that is Piglet sitting in the swing we got for Josh!

Look! Santa and the Reindeer ate their snacks!!

Tyler passing out presents.

Tyler got some dinosaurs from Grandma Terry and PawPaw Randy. He was so excited!!

Mommy helping Josh open his new cars from Tyler!

Santa brought Tyler a digger for his sandbox!

It was sprinkling outside, but he couldn't wait to try it out! He LOVES it!

This Christmas was by far my favorite. I loved how excited Tyler got about Santa, opening presents, and playing with all of his cousins on Todd's side of the family. That's another thing...Todd has 7 brothers and sisters and they were ALL here this year! Some traveled long distances...Washington state, Utah, and Wisconsin. Thanks Tonya, Terri, and Kim for coming to see us. It made this year so special! I'm so happy that Tyler and Josh got to know their cousins a little bit better. I hope it's not too long before we can get together again.
I hope you all had as merry of a Christmas as I did. I pray that we can always keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and minds all year long. Happy New Year!!