Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First 5k!

So, I signed up to run a 5k! For those who don't know, that's 3.1 miles. It's on October 2nd in Tempe. I've been training for 3 weeks now and I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Seriously.....I haven't run a mile since I was probably 10. I JUST ran a mile without stopping yesterday. Sheesh! Although it's not much yet, it was really encouraging to see that I've improved. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of my teammates. Yeah, we like to have fun when we're not training. :)

I didn't get much air on this one. LOL!
Left to right- Kari, Kami, Emily, Sarah L., Cheryl, Me (The whitey!)

We were able to hold this pose for about 1 second! Luckily that's when the picture was taken. :)
Top- Emily
Middle Row- Me, Kami
Bottom- Cheryl, Kari (Our Team Leader), Sarah L.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 months!

Bradley is 9 months old today! He's getting so big and cuter every day! The picture above is from his first bath in the tub a few days ago. He just loves it! He had his well visit today and his stats are:

Weight- 17lbs. He didn't gain any weight from his 6 month visit! It kinda freaked me out, but the dr told me what foods to give him and we'll come back in a couple weeks for a weight check. Right now he's in the 5th percentile.

Length- 27 1/2. 25th percentile

He says dada, baba, papa, and makes other random sounds and clicks his tongue. He just laughs when I tell him to say mama. HaHa! He's finally okay with sitting up. He used to arch his back and throw himself backwards! He's cruising all over the furniture and finally figured out how to get down himself yesterday! I can't feed him in the bumbo anymore because he crawls out. So he's getting used to his highchair. He has the CHEESIEST grin! He scrunches his face to where his eyes are almost completely closed! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Right now he's sleeping peacefully, but when he wakes up I'm sure he won't be so happy. He's currently suffering from an ear infection and a new tooth popping through. How dare he get both at the same time! :) But normally he is just such a happy baby. I'm so glad we made it through the first 6 months of constant fussiness. Happy 9 month birthday Bradley! We love you!!