Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Bradley!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a birthday boy in the house! Bradley turned 1 today! I'm going to say it again (for the thousandth time). TIME FLIES! We've been having lots of fun, so I guess that's what happens! He is the most amazing baby. The thing I love most about Bradley is that he's always smiling. He charms everyone who meets him. I'm so lucky to be his Mom. :)

I can't believe I'm 1!!!

My brothers got me this cool truck. Thanks bros!

This light up wand is from my cousins Ryan, Jack, Kyle, Ally, and Cole.

This is Bradley's cousin Cole. Cole is 6 days older than Bradley. When they were both newborns, it was hard to tell them apart. :)

Grandma and Bradley. Bradley, I don't know how to say this delicately, but I'm not sure you should've had that cupcake.....

The PERFECT picture of my ANGEL! I was so excited for him to wear this shirt and hat I made. Didn't they turn out so cute??!!

Hurry Mom!! I want my pumpkin surprise cupcake NOW! (They were delish!!)

Diving in head first

I'm about to get very messy in a minute!

Oh yeahhhh!

Taking the whole thing all at once!

The decor. Emily, thanks for taking time out of your day to help me with this! You're the best!

The after party. The clothes are in the washer. :)

As for Bradley's 1 year stats, I won't know until Monday. Here are a few of the things Bradley is doing at 1 year old:

-Says "bye bye" and "night, night"
-Says "uh oh" "guys!" and "boys!"
-Todd and I practice his walking and he's ALMOST there. He cruises around on his Eeyore bike and his walker.
-He has 8 teeth and maybe more on the way. He's been a little cranky around night time lately.

Happy Birthday Bradley! You are mommy's angel baby. I love you so much!!


Emily P. said...

I love it! Bradley was so adorable last night...(and every day!). You are such a good mama!

Randy Hinson- "The Spirit of Elvis" said...

New background picture-
perfect! He is so cute!

Terri Watson said...

So fun! You have been a busy momma and sounds like you are very crafty...I did not know that about you. Your boys look so great!

Aldobean said...

He is so cute! congrats on such a good sweet baby. My Bradley is the same. Love it.